School Projects at Robo360

01.Small bar magnets

02.Simple water turbine model

03.Hand operated generator (Simple/SPL)

04.Simple Wind mill model

05.Vegetable battery kit

06.Motor model kit

07.Simple Solar house

08.Wind energy house

09.Wind + Solar energy based house

10.Solar city model

11.Solar/wind village model

12.House with fire alarm

13.Botanical garden

14.Solar system

15.Eclipse models

16.Madurai Meenakshi Temple model

17.Hydropower House

18.Electricity saving street ( Automatic Street light dimmer)

 19.House with garden

20.Automatic street light model

21.Rain Harvesting Model

22.Prevent the accident BUS

23.Prevent the accident TRAIN

24.Control your home appliances with your mobile. (Project Model with light)

25.Clap and switch ON OR OFF your home lights

26.House with Earth quake warning alarm

25.House with burglar alarm.

28.Stop one more kumbakonam fire accident (school with fire alarm)

29.Solar Train

 30.Energy from speed breaker

31.Solar street light model

32.Automatic Water level controller model

33.Automatic water level indicator model

34.Solar bus

35.2 in 1 model

 36.3 in 1 model

37.4 in 1 model

38. Drip Irrigation Model

 39.Destroy the Industry smoke

40.Rain alarm with house

41.Mechanical to electrical energy

 42.Automatic street light +sound detector house

 43.Solar village model

 44. wind city model

 45.wind village model

 46.Avoid darkness in city houses

 47.Using remote switch on your home light

 48.Garden with automatic light

 49.Garden with solar lights

 50.Garden with wind mill lights

 51.Drip irrigation automatic drop watering in fields

 52.House with Garden Solar Lights

 53.House with Garden Wind Lights

54.Industry with windmill

55.Industry with solar power

56.Water the Fields with Remote

57.Industry waste in village

58.Jungle Green Energy

 59.Hospital Safety

60.Drip irrigation automatic in your Garden

61.Dim your house light Save Power

62.Dam working model

63.Dam non working model

64. Safety House Alarm

65.Touch alarm

66.Vibration Sensed Security Alarm house

67.ECO Friendly House

68.Control you Home appliance with Remote

69.Temple models

71.White Revolution

72.Hand Generator with Bulb


73.Wind Bus


74.Avoid one more Tamil Nadu Express accident


75.Password based school door opening.


76.Password based bank door opening


77.Bank safety


78.School safety


79.Electric Bell model kit


80.DC Motor model kit


81.Energy from waste


82.Wireless power transmission Street lights

 83. Wireless power transmission house lights

01. Heart model


02. Eye model


03. Kidney model


04. Brain model


05. Ear model


06. Urinary System


07. Blood Circulation in human body


08. Lungs 

09. Plant cell

01.RF based communication( Wireless voice transmission)


02.laser or infrared light based communication( Transmission of voice through light)


03.RF communication (RF remote)


04. TV communication. (Mini wireless TV station)


05. Telephone wired communication (Intercom).


06.GSM communication (Cell phone device controller)


07.Tsunami warning system using wireless communication

01. Copter Mech


02. Line Tracking Mouse


03. Solar Bug


04. Solar Walking Robo


05. Scrab Robo


06. Sola robo


07. Robo Battle


08. Mini bots


09. Lady Bug


10. Escape


11. Space9


12. Solar Frog


13. Cable Car


14. Solar F1 Car


15. Climbing Monkey


16. 6 in 1 kit


17. Electromagnetic Kit


18. Young Scientist


19. Solar Robo kit


20.3D Puzzles


21.New solar kit 6 in 1


22.Solar Stallion 3 in 1


23.Robot kit 6 in 1


24.3 in 1 Solar Educational DIY Kit


25.6 in 1 Solar Educational DIY Kit


26. Titan Tank


27. Solar Spider


28. Bot Ball


29. Solar Astronaut


30. Magnet set


31. Balloon helicopter


32. Balloon car


33. Rubber powered airplane

1. Use your cellphone to switch on your home appliances.

2. Use your TV for Door phone with the image transmission using CCD camera. 

3. Mini door phone intercom.

4. Solar charger for traveling.

5. Auto muting of audio during telephone conversation.

6. Automatic bathroom light with timer switch off.

7. Mini coin operated cell phone charger.

8. Switch on the lights in your house automatically in the evenings.

9. Contact less AC line detector.

10. Long life automatic water level controller.

11. Mini house cleaning robot.

12. Line following robot.

13. Temperature based FAN control.

14. DTMF based remote control.

15. Solar energy backup during power failure.

16. Mini autonomous security robot with auto dialing.

17. Blind mans eye.

18. Mini radio station.

19. Mini TV station.

20. Automatic Tsunami warning broadcaster.

21. Object counter for industries.

30. Color sensor based mini robot.

31. Fire alarm for schools with auto door

opening during fire accident.

32. Password based door opening system.

33. Water level monitor for domestic use with


34. Secure your motor bike with RF based warning receiver.

35. Motorbike cellphone charger.

36. Automatic railway level crossing system.

37. Mini traffic light controller.

38. Automatic staircase light with timer.

39. Mine detector circuit with voice response.

40. Sound control device switching

41. Voice through infra-red light

42. Automatic car garage door opening system using IR encoding & decoding

43. over speed warning system for cars and bikes.

44. Control your house electrical appliances using your PC.

45. Function generator for lab purpose.

46. Micro controller based power supply for lab purpose with auto protection.

47. Ultrasonic based robotic obstacle

48. IR based robotic obstacle sensor

49. Ultrasonic switch.

50. Vibration sensed security alarm

51. Thread cut detector for weaving machine

52. Rain alarm

53. Stepper motor controller for industries

54. Sound based cardiac monitor interfaced with

55. Electronic stethoscope

56. uc based up/down counter

57. uc based multiple timers for switching on electrical appliances.

58. White LED based bedroom light

59. Time delay on switch

60. Time delay off switch

61. Mini automatic guided vehicle for industries

 62. IR based conveyor FLAW detection

63. IR based spring tension detection

64. IR based lubrication detection

65. Color sensor detector for industrial application

66. IR based conveyor control for bottle filling

67. Mini PC based speed controller of DC motor

68. Mini frequency counter

69. PWM controlled bedroom light

70. 8 digit code lock using logic circuits.

71. Simple guitar amplifier

72. Light follower robot

73. Mini solar based inverter.

74. Realtime Ultrasonic pest repeller

75. Smart white LED torch

76. Fast fingers switching circuit for quiz

77. Infra red remote control circuit

78. Lo/hi voltage Warning circuit for domestic use with voice interaction.

79. Autonomous wake up alarm with

matras or slokas.

80. Voice interacted calling system for your house with password.

81. Convert your multimeter to thermometer.

82. Audio spy bug.

83. Capacitance meter with your multimeter.

84. Device control using parallel port

85.’H-bridge’ drivers for dc motors

86. Light dimmer circuit using triacs

87. Telephone Receiver without dialer

88. Secret calling bell with voice recording and bell sound

89. Multifunctional security system for house with voice interaction.

90. Build your own MW radio receiver

91. Digital speedometer for motors using multimeter

92. P spice simulation for lab purpose power supply with hardware output

93. Wireless gate alarm

94. Micro controller based punch card

door opening system


95. College use mini remote controlled trolley for carrying books


96.Mini college bell timer


97. Mini class room mic amplifier.


98. Electrical over load alarm


99. Special lighting effects using a microcontroller for college functions


100. Ultrasonic switch


101. Telephone recording circuit


102. FM Telephone Bug


103. Phone Line to Audio

01.Line Following robot


02.Line Following Robot (Non Programmable)


03.Multi Function Robo ( Sound, Remote, Light, Obstacle, Line following operated)


04.Small Magnetic Crane


05.Pick & Place Robot


06.Mini House Cleaning Robot


07.Remote Robo


08.Remote Robo with Metal Detector


09.Remote robo with Obstacle


10.Remote robo with Pouring Water


11.Remote Robo Water Your Garden


12.Helper Robo


13.Cell phone operated robo


14.Intelligence light robo


15.Bomb detecting robo

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